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Impact Time and transfer of rotation

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    Two (related) questions to help with a physics simulation I am making:

    1. Object A hits object B. Object A was traveling at velocity V with no acceleration, object B was at rest. Both bodies are rigid. When A hits B, how do we calculate the force transfer from A to B? Obviously, A experienced a deceleration upon contact with B, and a transfer of force occurred. How do we calculate this?

    2. Now object A is spinning with a rotational velocity of R. Object A hits object B. If A is spinning clockwise and hits B by going from top to bottom (to give some arbitrary directions), then intuitively, B will be sent down and to the right.

    How do we calculate the amount of spin that is applied from A to B? In other words, A may not stop spinning, but will probably spin slower, while B will acquire some translational and rotational momentums from the spin. How do we calculate the amount of spin that A looses and applies to B?
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    I imagine it would have much to do with the frictional forces between the two objects, so therefor it would depend on the particular materials making up A and B.

    Two rubber basketballs would invoke more rotational energy than say two waxed bowling balls.
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