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Homework Help: Impedance of practical Capacitor

  1. Dec 9, 2013 #1
    A practical capacitor can be modeled by an ideal capacitor in parallel with a resistor.Find the impedance of practical capacitor at the radian frequency ω=377rad/s.Known C1=0.1 x 10^-6F R1=1 *10^6.

    I am first determining the Z, by adding the impedance of resistor and the capacitor in parallel.
    And I am getting Z1(377)=10^6/(1+j37.7)= 2.6516*10^4 ∠-1.519 However book solutions gives ∠-1.5443.I would like to get some help about where my mistake is,or how should I approach the question. I know that finding the angle we should do θ=arctan(y/x) where y is the imaginary part and x is the real part.Hope I was clear and did not complicate it.
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    I can confirm the solution of the book. How did you calculate -1.519? Maybe just a rounding error?
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    I was using the degree mode, I should have used the radian angle unit one
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    Don't post the same problem in multiple threads. I am closing this thread.
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