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Homework Help: Importance of curves sketching in real world

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    people i an doing a research on this topic "the importance of curves sketching in real world" i need some answer but i am a bit tied up so can i have some help please:
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    If I understood you well you mean curves of functions. Well yes they are very important if you want to create an engine, then you create the curve of the noise, or the curve of the oscillation. Also when you want to create a bridge you need to make the curves in order to apply the physics. If you want to send a rocket in space you sketch the curve which is the orbit. Also for ecology, you can see from the curve of the temperature that global warming exists and you can predict things too. During the war, the planes have computers that calculate curves in order the bomb to find the target and not to hit a home. Curves are the visual representations of mathematical functions and they are very important. Also for economy, the curves can tell a lot about the market, the goods and the economy of the society. I hope you got some ideas.
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    no thats not what i am really looking for.......what i want is "The importance of curve sketching in the real world" i need so info on that(the Subject is Mathematics....calculus)
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    Please if some 1 could help me this work due tomorrow
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    From Chardo:
    Is your question better phrased as, "How do some people use curve sketching in the real world?"

    Try plot points of a physical property of a solution as a function of concentration, judge the shape of the curve, use this shape to suggest some forms of an algebraic function and try to determine a function which will reproduce the original points as closely as possible; and then later, use the function to determine either (1) the concentration of any given value of the physical property, or (2) the value of the physical property based on any given concentration of the solution. Note, that even if you do not obtain an algebraic function, you may still DRAW a reasonable curve,... and read points from the curve.
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    ok symbolipoint thanks for your help but your information is not relating to he information that i need.......what you can do for me is to let me have a good search engine that you can use to find out things like these
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    Google. You need to rephrase your question. Because if "the importance of curves sketching in real world" is really your question, then it has been answered twice.

    Try rephrasing it or try Google.

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