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Physics Importance of GRE to be admited in LMU (Munich)

  1. Jul 8, 2016 #1
    I think this is rather a specific question, but I would like some advice.
    Next year I am finishing my physics degree in a rather small university of Spain, and I intend to at least try to go into a master's degree in Munich in Theoretical Physics (LMU). I would like to make to remarks here. First, in Europe it is actually compulsory to get a master's degree before the phd, and second, GRE subject test are much less common (for example, if somebody applied for Oxford or Cambridge I think you don't need to take that exam).
    However, in the requirements of the master it says that if available, providing GRE subject test would be valuable in order to gauge the application, tough it is not necessary to take it.
    The question is whether I should take it or not. In case I would take it I would have to study on my own, only with internet resources and maybe some help of any teacher. I should also be taken into account that it is time that I would not spend on studying real subjects, not learning technique for one exam.
    Finally I am a bit affraid that the fact of studying in a small university may mean that they consider that the level is lower than in more prestigeous ones. If I am not selected it would not be the end of the world, I have some other choices (which do not require GRE), but this would be my first one.
    Thanks in advance
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    First, yes. Most universities in Europe will require you to have a master degree (or equivalent) before starting PhD studies. This is in accordance with the Bologna 3+2 system.

    Second, if you are worried about the admission process. Anything that aids your case is useful. I do not have any particular experience with the LMU admission.
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