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GRE with 3 years of Bachelors degree?

  1. Jul 24, 2015 #1
    Hi, I am currently in my 3rd and final year of B.Sc Physics. Soon I'll have to start applying for a Masters degree. Is it true that you need 4 years of bachelor degree to get admitted for Postgraduate via GRE exam? If so, is there any university outside India which will accept my 3 year course? Also, it'll be helpful if someone can tell me about the various courses worth pursuing while doing postgraduate course.
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    For admissions to various schools the best thing to do is Google up those schools. Look for their web sites with their contact info and their admissions info. If their admissions requirement info isn't on their web page, drop them an email and ask for details. Be nice, but be concise. Universities probably get a lot of such requests, so a short clear letter is best.

    Different schools and different programs will have different requirements. This is especially true if you consider different countries. But even two schools next to each other on the same street could have very different requirements.

    For what it takes to do the GRE you should probably contact somebody in authority for administering the GRE. Again, Google is your friend. Find out who sets the exam and what the general requirements for taking it are. If these are not on the web page(s) for the GRE then contact them.

    For what courses to take: You need to decide what general area you are interested in. Then Google up the course catalog of some universities you are interested in. Treat their course listing as an all-you-can-learn buffet. See what you would like to take. See what courses they require for various degrees.

    For graduate degrees it is usual for interaction with a professor to be much more direct and research oriented than in a B.Sc. So you will want to try to get a prof you can work with, and who does work you are interested in. Once again, Google is your friend. Look at the web sites for some universities and find profs who do work you find interesting. Another interesting resource is this:


    This is a collection of preprints. That is, papers written by various researchers that at the time of submission to arxiv had not yet been published. Have a look and see what looks interesting. Then find the authors and their home university.
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