What is Gre subject test: Definition and 14 Discussions

The GRE physics test is an examination administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The test attempts to determine the extent of the examinees' understanding of fundamental principles of physics and their ability to apply them to problem solving. Many graduate schools require applicants to take the exam and base admission decisions in part on the results.
The scope of the test is largely that of the first three years of a standard
United States undergraduate physics curriculum, since many students who plan to continue to graduate school apply during the first half of the fourth year. It consists of 100 five-option multiple-choice questions covering subject areas including classical mechanics, electromagnetism, wave phenomena and optics, thermal physics, relativity, atomic and nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, laboratory techniques, and mathematical methods. The table below indicates the relative weights, as asserted by ETS, and detailed contents of the major topics.

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  1. B

    Admissions Find Out the Latest GRE Test Dates and Submission Tips - Don't Miss Out!

    Hi all. This year the subject test dates are scheduled for September 17th, and October 29th, with scores being available online on October 17th, and November 28th respectively. I know the magic cut-off time for some of the schools I was looking at seem to be around mid-December. I was...
  2. PabloAMC

    Physics Importance of GRE to be admited in LMU (Munich)

    Hi, I think this is rather a specific question, but I would like some advice. Next year I am finishing my physics degree in a rather small university of Spain, and I intend to at least try to go into a master's degree in Munich in Theoretical Physics (LMU). I would like to make to remarks here...
  3. I

    Schools 770 PGRE : Send score to schools that say 'recommended'?

    I got a 770 (65%) on the PGRE. I am an international student with a US master's degree in engineering, with no quantum mechanics or electromagnetism courses on my transcripts. I was wondering if I should send PGRE scores to schools that say it's recommended. The schools I had in mind are Brown...
  4. PsychonautQQ

    Math GRE subject test question

    Let k be the number of real solutions to the equation e^x + x - 2 = 0 in the interval [0,1] and let n be the number of real solutions NOT on the interval [0,1]. Which of the following are true? A) k = 0 and n = 1 B) k = 1 and n = 0 C) k = n = 1 D) k > 1 E) n > 1 Can anyone help me understand...
  5. S

    How are integration skills tested on GRE Mathematics Subject Test?

    Although it gets better with experience, integrating an expression by hand is a really a trial and error procedure. A wrong substitution will get you nowhere in the available time. So I am wondering as to how they test your integration skills on GRE Mathematics Subject Test. Any help would be...
  6. Solarmew

    Preparing for the Physics GRE: Strategies and Tips from a Fellow Student

    just wondering how people did and what you did to study and prepare. I plan on taking the physics GRE this september, however i haven't taken any quantum or classical (analytical) mechanics yet. Unfortunately, both sequences start this September also :( But i don't want to wait till next year...
  7. C

    Studying for the GRE subject test: physics

    I am going to do the GRE subject test: physics, and I would like to know if any of you have some advises to study for this test, as well as books to use to prepare for this test. Also if you have already done the test it would be helpful to know about your experience.
  8. E

    What to do with poor GRE subject test score?

    Well, I decided to take the math GRE subject test. The score I received was actually quite a shock to me: 560 scaled score and 27% below (eww). I was getting 70-80% of the questions right on the two practice tests, and afterwards I felt like I knew around 60-70% of the questions. I must have...
  9. T

    Testing Trig formulas for the math gre subject test

    Are you expected to know all of the trig formulas for the math gre subject test? I don't mean the easy ones, i mean ones such as the sum-to-product or product-to-sum. thanks!
  10. T

    Testing Best way to prepare for the Math GRE subject test?

    I have the princeton review book, and i plan on going through a calculus web tutorial online(mainly for calc 3 stuff). My school library has some pretty good books on algebra/analysis. What other kind of books should i be thinking about getting in order to do well on the test? Also, what...
  11. J

    Testing Acing the Math GRE Subject test?

    OK, so I have a solid year+ to prepare for the math GRE subject test. It's pretty intimidating because I don't know where to begin studying. Does anyone know of a good game plan to approach this test with? If you've taken the test, please share how you prepped for it.
  12. R

    Textbook for GRE subject test preparation

    Hi, I'm planning to take the physics GRE subject test in the near future. I have a good undergrad education, so I was recommended to pick up a general physics textbook and to read it completely as a study review. The question is: what textbook? I know the names of the most common ones...
  13. M

    Physics Program Admissions: Chemistry GRE vs Physics Test

    Hi, does anybody know if Physics programs will accept the Chemistry GRE in lieu of the Physics test? Also, can somebody with a good chemistry and math background, but not a ton of physics (i.e., not as much as a physics major), get into a good physics program? I'm fairly early on as an...
  14. Q

    Schools University application and GRE Subject test

    I am preparing to apply to a graduate school of physics. I have taken the GRE general test and TOEFL. But I have not taken the GRE Subject test. I find nearly all the universities in US require the GRE Subject test. Is there any university that do not require the GRE Subject test? Or I will have...