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Imposing high frequency on AC mains

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    Hi All,
    Currently Iam working on a project where I have to superimpose High frequency component on AC mains 240V 60HZ. ( Its imposing Ripples in mains voltage... as happens when voltage is generated from a Petrol generator). Need some help how would i do this ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    By the formula, it is two voltages in series, for example,

    50V + 5V * sin (2*pi*60*time)

    This will be a DC 50V plus an AC ripple with 60HZ 5V peak.

    50V * sin (2*pi*60*time) + 5V * sin (2 *pi* 600000*time)

    This will be a 50V peak 60HZ AC plus an AC ripple with 5V peak at 600kHz.

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    Look at the X10 remote control system that has been around (in the U.S.) for 30 years. It uses a high frequency (100's of kilohertz) to remotely control appliances over the AC mains. I was even able to remotely turn on and off a lamp in my neighbor's house using a plug-in lamp control unit. There are now other brands on the market. See http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,1675067,00.asp
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    For most countries, there are regulations for what frequencies and what amplitudes you can couple into the powerlines. What country are you in? In the US and in the EU, there are strict regulations governing the "conducted emissions" on powerlines.
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    Thanks for your replies Fuxue and Berkeman....
    Fuxue, I understand theroy behind it but i want to implement it practically. So What are the components i should be looking for, like signal generator/frequency mixer.... etc..

    Berkeman Im from United Kingdom

    please suggest me what are the components i will be requiring. if possible block diagram of connection made..
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    Please see the attachment... how can I achieve pratically what are the components/devices required

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