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In Need Of An Inline Waterproof 2 Pin Connector

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    I have a compression fitting that I am using to bring power into a pressurized vessel. On the side exposed to the enviornment there are 2 14 AWG 24" long leads. This vessel is going to be under water. So I need a way of creating a waterproof connection to each of the 24" leads so I can have a longer cable that I can run up and out of the water to a 24V DC power supply. Does anybody know of something that could possibly help me. Thanks.
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    See http://www.dsmt.com/resources/ip-rating-chart for the "ingress protection" codes for connectors.

    Presumably you need connectors rated as IPx7 or IPx8 (where the x digit specifies the protection against solid objects) depending on the water depth.
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    Yes I think I would need IP08. I have tried searching but have not found much. Is there a small inline connector that could meet these requirements.
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    Digikey has 1,329 dustproof and waterproof circular connectors which are in stock. Each item has a link to a data sheet with more info. I took a look at one that claimed the connector was tested at a depth of 10m for 2 weeks and 100m for 12 hours.

    There are many other kinds of connectors if a circular one will not work for your device.

    edit: I filtered the search for 2-pole plugs as well as waterproofing. There are many more possibilities for the circular connectors.
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    jim hardy

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    Is this a hobby or manufacturing application?

    I'd take a look at Deutsch DT series

    they work well on outboard motors even after a day underneath salt water.

    http://www.laddinc.com/images/stories/catalog/Deutsch_Catalog.pdf#page=19 [Broken]
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    Maybe you didn't find much searching for IP08 because if it's waterproof it's also dustproof. That would make it IP68. I googled "IP68 connectors" and there were many to choose from.

    Also, you can get some dielectric grease from a hardware store with a good electrical section. If you squeeze some into any connector it will help keep the water out.
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    There are IP58s as well, for connectors that are normally used dry but might get dropped in water - e.g. cellphones etc.
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