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Increasing efficiency of PV cell

  1. Oct 22, 2007 #1
    Dear peeps, i am currently facing a problem here. i am tasked to place PV cells within an area and maximize the efficiency of PV cell by focusing sunlight on the cell itself. I am wondering if it is possible. I am thinking of placing 3 cells in a U shape. 1 at the bottom facing up and 2 at the side with one facing the east and 1 facing the west so that all the PV cell can capture sunlight from various angle.

    I also thought of using lenses to focus sunlight on the bottom cell. but i am not sure which lense is suitable and what are the lense that are available in the market to do so. Anyone got any idea?

    I am so thinking of placing a 4th cell facing downwards. By doing so i need to elevate the whole struture so that i can place perhaps a parabolic mirror(which is bigger than the cell) on ground to reflect and focus light on the 4th cell. My idea is to capture sunlight and reflect them upwards towards the 4th cell to capture sunlight.

    Just wondering if this idea will work out? Does anyone got any ideas which you all might have that might be able to help me out here?

    Anyway anyone got any idea on how i am further increase the efficiency of the PV cell or even maximise the sunlight that will fall on the PV cell??

    Thanks a lot peeps for helping me out here. really desperate for a solution. Thanks!
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  3. Oct 22, 2007 #2
    If you increase the amount of light going to a PVC than you will increase the amount of light it processes to a point. If you put a PVC at the focus of a Hyperbolic mirror you would maximize its light. Industrial uses of PVC's and Hyperbolic mirror are on the internet if you want to find some diagrams.
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