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Indian Temple and the colours of fall

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    It was such a beautiful day here in southern Ontario Barb and I decided to take a lil drive. We took a few photos on our trip. The Credit river valley is 2 minutes from our place, so we shot the fall colours. There are some beautiful colours right outside our apt. Next we drove to the area of a new Indian temple that was completed this year. It is hand built, No nails fasteners or screws in the whole place. Several hundred stone masons frim India spent 2 years on site cutting and placing each stone. I could only shoot from the outside as cameras are not allowed on the property. Follow the link for more photos.
    IMG_8603-1.jpg IMG_8622-1.jpg
    http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v697/23224/fall photo drive 2008/
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    Beautiful photo of the fall colors, I just love it. The building is a work of art, I wonder why no cameras are allowed?
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    It is open for visitors from 9 am till 8 pm however the sign says no smoking, no cameras, no cell phones, no inappropriate dress. Any violators will be kindly escorted off the property. I was so looking foreward to getting some close ups.
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    We have a temple like that here in NJ. I went inside on a festival day. What delight.
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    I could probably get you guys some photos of temples/gurudwaras if you're interested. Sometimes I think Indians abroad take the whole inappropriate manner and dress thing a lot more seriously than people in India do.
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    Nice photos. I love that building. I had no idea they still made buildings like that!
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    Nice pics :smile:
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