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Induction - in two parallel wires - affecting voltage?

  1. Jul 7, 2015 #1
    Hypothetical, Two parallel wires, wire 1 and wire 2. Trying to understand my system.
    A) Wire 1 has a constant current which is being driven by a V and power supply.
    Is there a current in wire 2 if the current in Wire 1 is constant?

    B) Wires A and B both have current flowing through them. Does the magnitude of the current in 2 depend on the current in 1?

    C)Does the voltage drop over wire 2 change depending on the steady state magnitude of current in wire 1?
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    No. Without an alternating current there is no changing magnetic field and hence no induction.

    It does not.

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    First, understand that the dependence of the current in wire 2 could be dependent upon only changes in the current of the wire 1 with a few odd exceptions. The current in wire 2 could be completely independent of that in wire 1 if wire 2 is driven by a constant current source.

    In general, this is not a simple question, if say, the resistance of wire 2 is dependent upon an applied magnetic field due to wire 1. I will treat it as a simple.

    To answer, I'll assume that wire 2 is a closed loop without a driving voltage or current source unless implied otherwise.

    no, the constant current wire 1 generates no changing magnetic field to effect the electric current in wire 2.

    no. the current flowing in wire 2 does not depend on the current in wire 1, but how much the current in wire 1 changes over time. The current in wire 2 certainly depends on how much the current in wire 1 changes.

    nope, and it seems Drakkith and I agree on all points.
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