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Inelastic Collision on an inclined plane

  1. Dec 13, 2012 #1
    Okay so my physics teacher assigned us with some problems to complete and one of them in particular is really confusing me. Attached is a picture of the problem. It just really throws me off when we have to keep it in variable form. So if someone can just walk me through it a little it would be very appreciated. I'm not asking you to do my homework, i just need a little help.


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    Apply law of conservation of energy to find the velocity of 'm' till it reaches '2m'. Height can be calculated from diagram since angle is given.(h will come out 25m)
    mgh =(1/2)mv2 + μ×(mg×cos30)×50m.
    Solve this to find 'v'.
    Apply law of conservation of momentum,
    mv = (2m + m) v'.
    v' = v/3.
    Again apply law of conservation of energy,
    (1/2)(3m)(v')2 = μ×(3mg)×(length'l').
    Length 'l' is the required quantity which you will be able to calculate.
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