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Inquiry about PhD position

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    A friend of mine is interested in a PhD position in a Scandinavian country. There are no specific calls for projects, but the group webpage mentions available positions and encourages anyone that is interested to send an email for information.

    A formal application obviously comes later, so what should an inquiry like this contain? Should it just be kept very simple or is it a better idea to write something about oneself right away?

    Any inputs and suggestions highly appreciated!

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    Being an e-mail to a person you never had contact with before you should at least give context. Something like "Dear Dr./Prof. xyz, my name is jjr and I am currently enrolled in an econophysics masters program at physicsforums.com, specializing in the statistics of academic guidance threads. I will finish my studies on April 1st, 2016 and plan to continue with a PhD program", followed by stating that you are interested in the position offered, possibly a very brief explanation why (no essay, maybe just a sentence, maybe it is even obvious in case your masters is in the same field) and some closing statements (ideally some that tell the person addressed what the next steps could be). I would also add a CV, possibly with relevant grades (total school grade, total BSc grade, if applicable). It feels good for the receiving side to have an idea whom they are communicating with. I'd leave out other things like scans of official documents like certificates, essays about your interest in the position or letters of recommendation.

    (I realize that you said it is a friend of yours that wants to apply, not you. It was just easier to write this way and the same statement applies to your friend, of course.)
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    That was very helpful! Thank you
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