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Installing a CD-Image .iso file ?

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    Installing a CD-Image .iso file ??

    I have downloaded the CD Image file ( .iso ) of the Kubuntu OS , Now I want to install it as my alternate OS to windows Xp , Can I do it without burning it to a CD??... some other way??...

    Also , I have got DVD writer with me but no CD writer , so if I write a DVD with this image ( .iso ) , wud it behave like a CD , when I boot my comp from CDROM?
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    Have you downloaded the DVD file or the ones meant for CD?
    http://www.kubuntu.org/download.php#latest [Broken] [scroll down close to the middle of the page]

    I think you can burn a CD on a DVD writer. But burning an iso meant for a CD on a DVD...I doubt if it would work.
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    Most DVD burners will also burn CDs, but you'll have to use CD media
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    DVD writers can burn an .iso image of a CD onto a CD.

    You can mount the .iso with a Virtual CD emulator (see examples at http://lifehacker.com/software/virtual-disk/mount-an-iso-file-without-burning-a-disk-180124.php ) and view the files on it. At that stage, I'm not sure if there is an installer that can be run without rebooting. If all you have is DVD media, you may be able to burn the files on the mounted .iso [not the .iso-file itself] onto a bootable DVD.

    An alternative may be to boot off a USB flash drive containing the files from .iso, if your computer allows booting from a USB device. You may have to make some modifications to the files on the USB drive.
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    I've never heard of such a device....
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    I use to have a copy of windows ME on my d: drive which i used to run the widows setup from if i wanted to reinstall, Not sure if it will work in this case though. But you can extract the files from the image using daemon tools.

    Mount the image using daemon tools which is free to download and then find the image drive daemon places in My computer, open the image drive and copy the files from the image TO another drive or partition if you have one and try installing from their.
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    Just burn the files to a dvd, then use a floppy boot-loader (which comes with almost every linux distro) and use that to load the files from the DVD if you can't get the DVD to boot.
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