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Courses Institute to course?

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    Institute to course??

    This is my situation.(I am making it very general).

    I am in the process of taking admission in my First Year Engineering(undergraduate).

    I sat for one of the examinations down here(BITSAT) and scored a
    339/450. When this score is compared to last years cut-off's i am expected to clear an above average institute (from hereon called A) with Electronics and an very good institute (from hereon called B) with Mechanical.

    I am interested in both Mechanical and Electronics; but moreso with Electronics.

    What do you Forum Members at Physics Forums think is the wisest option for me.
    Electronics at A or Mechanical at B.
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    Do what you like the best. Both of these areas of engineering have great job opportunities, and you seem to have good grades in both areas. The only way I can see you going wrong is if you do one when you'd rather be doing the other.
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    Well if you are genuinely more interested in electronics, then go for A.
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    Agreed. Go with Electronics if it's your first year of engineering and you like it. There's always time to change, and there is always the newer field of mechatronics.

    Also keep in mind, older engineers, from the 60's and 70's had to take some of the core courses in the other field. I.e. my electronics professor told me he had to take statics and dynamics. So you can always pepper one with the other from the beginning.

    Best of luck.
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    Well now let me get a deeper.
    Since the examination this year for BITSAT was tougher than last year the cut-off's are expected to drop marginally.

    If the drop does occur then I might get into Electronics and Instrumentation(EI) in college B but i will not get Electronics and Electronics(EE) in the same college.

    My asking is that what is there so much different with the two. If there is a large difference what is it? And what are the future prospects when the two are compared.
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    I'm not sure what the difference is because I can't read the curriculum for each. But here is my guess.

    I would have the equivalent of the first from the Navy as an Electronic Technician. Basically, I took almost all the same basic courses as an engineer, but none of the design courses. Instead I took lots of classes on how to fix what the engineers did. And, engineering is mostly about design, so those design courses, which are many, are paramount to becoming an engineer.

    If it is a case of technician vs. engineer, then at 100 miles above they don't appear to be really all that different, but down on the ground they are apples and oranges, and they don't have much in common.

    If you want to be an engineer, then I would suggest you go where they're going to let you be an engineer. You can always transfer after you have proven yourself.

    I believe, EE means Electrical(Electronics) Engineer at most places. It may mean something different where you're at. And the difference between Electrical and Electronic at most schools is probably nothing.

    Best of luck!
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