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Homework Help: : Integral of (n+1)th derivative

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    URGENT: Integral of (n+1)th derivative

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    let f(n+1) be integrable on [a;b]; show that

    f(b)=[tex]\sum[/tex] [tex]\frac{f(r)(a)}{r!}[/tex](b-a)r +[tex]\frac{1}{n!}[/tex] [tex]\int^{a}_{b}[/tex]f(n+1)(t)(b-t)ndt

    hint:integrate by parts and use induction

    PLEASE any idea about how to solve it would be really appreciated..... I've been trying for more than an hour but no idea
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    Re: URGENT: Integral of (n+1)th derivative

    Well use the hint. Induct on n. For n = 1, show the equation holds by computing the integral that you get on the RHS after setting n = 1. This is fairly straightforward.
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    Re: URGENT: Integral of (n+1)th derivative

    Start by actually doing the integration by parts. Treat the integral as u*dv where u=f^(n+1)(t) and dv=(b-t)^n*dt. Once you've got that straight then start worrying about the induction.
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    Re: URGENT: Integral of (n+1)th derivative

    10x a lot
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