Integration applications f(x) and g(x)

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    find the area between the curves f(x)=x^3+4 and g(x)=x^2-4x-2

    ok so i am really stuck here my teacher has jsut given me this question for homework and i have no idea how to do it. I usually don't struggle with maths and seeing as i am with this, i am stressing out majorly, please give me some help in answering this.

    If possible i would like a step by step procedure so i know what to do in future
    any help is greatly appreciated.
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    When you are asked to find the area between two curves, you can start by sketching the graph, which will allow you to better understand the shape of the area of the region needed. Show your work.
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    Once you have the graph drawn, imagine breaking the area between the curves into a lot of very thin rectangles, each of width "dx". For any given x, what is the height of the rectangle (in terms of "x")?
  5. Thanks for that both of you guys, I understand how to do it now :). Sorry I didn't thank you earlier, I was having trouble with my internet.
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