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Medical Internal vs. external human body

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    Does a persons attitude, or way of life affect their internal body? I don't mean it as a couch potato will be weak. I mean it as a picky person will they have allergies? Will a germ phobic have ...
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    jim mcnamara

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    I've kind of avoided this thread because there is no good answer. What you are asking is - does psychology (mind) interact with the body? Yes, it is anecdotally observed all the time. There is nothing I know about that makes any attempt whatsoever to predict any relationships - like picky people are more likely to have allergies.

    Maybe someone with a psychology background does know studies that apply here.
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    From a sociological viewpoint, picky people just shows particular thus sociologically adaptive reactions/behaviors towards the causes of what-you-call-allergies, and their attitude is not neccessarily affects their internal body. There is nothing bad or good or negative implication around.
    The evolving duration for internal body's gene alternation is longer than one might expect but the cover of the potato alone does not tell one that it is not potato. I can touch the potato with my finger not with my mind but I can say I touch it with both my mind and my finger.

    I do not understand your last question [I am no good at English] since it has not finished yet and still hang with '...'
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