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International student place help me

  1. Sep 20, 2011 #1
    I AM international student and my english is not so bad and i have a full Fellowship

    and i want to ask you about the master degree in usa (in physics) in University not in the top but in average

    how much it take if i chosse the cources way

    and is so hard , and if the profesrors are helpful how they Assesses the student (by homework or medteme exam or final exam or quizes)

    place help my to Determine what to do
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    Vanadium 50

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    I didn't understand all of that. However, based on your post, I think your level of English proficiency is too poor for successful completion of a post-graduate degree in the US. I would encourage you to work on improving your English before attempting it.
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    first i will Will study at the Institute of Language for a year


    1-An overview of The master degree study in America

    and how many years it take

    2- Do professors collaborators with foreign students.

    3- Success depends on what (how can you pass the courses)

    I hope this is clear

    Please Forgive me Because my language is not good
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    A masters is typically two years. Most top schools don't offer terminal masters degrees; you won't have many choices if all you want is a masters. If they also offer a PhD, they want PhD students. Yes, professors collaborate with all students. No one won't work with you because you're not American. However, they might choose not to work with you if you can't read, write, or speak English well.

    Masters programs include courses you need to pass, and some include a thesis requirement (research project) as well.
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