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Internet Explorer Zero-Day Exploit

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    IE users should be aware of the websites they visit. There is yet another zero-day exploit that doesn't require any user intervention and can take over your system. Here is the proof of concept:


    and here is the advisory:


    Even users with Windows XP SP2 are affected.


    1) Disable javascript in IE - If you do this many websites won't work
    2) Use an alternate browser (Firefox - www.mozilla.org[/url] , Opera - [url]www.opera.com[/URL])

    The sad part is that Microsoft has known about this bug since 05/31/2005 and they haven't done anything about it.
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    How much are you willing to bet they havent known about this before 5/31/2005?
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    Yes, it's possible Microsoft knew about it before that date, but May was the month that some 3rd party security researcher told Microsoft about it.
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    Nothing new, there are dozens of bugs in IE that they flat out refuse to fix. Notice how there hasn't been a new version of it since 2001? And its a piece of crap.
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    Math Is Hard

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    Thanks for the heads up, dduardo!
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