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Inteview questions for fellowship (research grant)?

  1. Feb 23, 2008 #1
    I have applied for a fellowship to participate in scientific research. It's in the realm of Biomedical science - that's all I know.

    In my application, I had to fill out my major, education, activities, family circumstances, etc. And finally a statement of purpose.

    What general interview question can I expect? I assume they will ask why I applied, what I hope to achieve, etc. Can you guys list some good interview questions that will help me prepare for the real face-to-face interview?

    Note - I don't know what my research is going to be yet.

    To find more about the program I'm applying for, you may go to:

    http://nihroadmap.nih.gov/researchteams/ [Broken]

    Training for a New Interdisciplinary Research Workforce

    This initiative fosters the development of an interdisciplinary workforce through novel training programs at the undergraduate through postdoctoral levels. These programs will provide a variety of innovative learning and research activities to give students the necessary knowledge and experience to apply interdisciplinary solutions to complex biomedical and health problems. The ultimate goal is to develop a cadre of interdisciplinary research scientists who will be well equipped to address increasingly complex challenges in health and biomedical research and who will participate in, and perhaps lead, research teams of the future.
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