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Intracellular Mechanism of IGF-1

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    IGF-1 has been shown to increase regeneration of nerve cells. I have seen the studies, but am unable to find the actual mechanisms. Does anybody have any information on this or know where I could find it.

    I have look through my cell and molecular biology book, but can not seem to find it.

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    I doubt you'll find anything in a textbook on it. I don't think the mechanism is fully understood yet. Most of what I find on the topic seems to still be on a pretty basic level: add IGF-1 and see an effect on neuroprotection. If you do a pubmed search on "IGF-1 and neurons" you'll get a long list of results. I only skimmed a few pages in and saw a few titles suggesting the PI3 kinase pathway may be involved, but nothing more than that.
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    Yup, thats what I was afraid of.

    Thanks for your thoughts.
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