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Introductory Fluid Mechanics book.

  1. Oct 3, 2013 #1
    Could someone recommend me a good Introductory Fluid Mechanics book? It's only an introductory course so it doesn't have to be too comprehensive at all. Thanks.
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    Brilliant. I'll have a look into both. Thanks.
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    Actually, it's a general Fluid Mechanics book that I'm interested in. Not exclusively dynamics, but some statics too. Anybody else have some suggestions?
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    Prof. Fitzpatrick at UT Austin has his lecture notes (really is a book!) on his teaching web page:


    The book is at the uppder division undergrad level, and has an early chapter is on hydrostatics.

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    Thanks. I'll have a look!
  8. Oct 18, 2013 #7
    Since you are looking for general reading, I recommend Fox and McDonald's Introduction to fluid mechanics by Philip J.Pritchard.
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    I'll look into it. Thanks.
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