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Inverted spring pendulum & control torque

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    Hey folks,

    please see an attached figure.

    I am just wondering if I can give a torque to the system (B).

    A spring transmit only axial forces between two points.. so I am very confused on it.

    If I assumed that the spring is compliant only in axial direction, can I give a control torque to spring pendulum ?


    Any comment and feedback will be very appreciated. thanks

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    Hello nzur,
    I fear I don´t quite understand you and your drawing.

    Most real springs will transmit torque, and they will have also have torsional elasticity (apart from the longitudinal elasticity). You´re free to define ideal springs with any kind of properties you want, but it might not be relevant for practical purposes.

    Where does the restoring force in Model A come from and where is the equilibrium position? (Without a restoring force it is not a pendulum)
    What exactly do you mean by control torque?

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    Are you trying to build a walking robot?
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