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Irodov problems?

  1. Aug 21, 2009 #1
    Irodov problems??

    Hi all,

    I have completed my engineering degree in E&C but now i want to switch my career path to physics. So i was referring "University Physics" by young and Freedman. I have solved all the worked examples and all the Exercise Problems at the end of the chapter of Classical mechanics. I have also some knowledge on Calculus. Then I took Irodov textbook to solve some of the problems. I tried to solve first 8 problems of the conservation laws and I was not able to solve even a single problem out of 8. My confidence level has really gone very low. Is there any pre-requisite to solve the Irodov textbook problems?? Is my present knowledge of physics not sufficient to solve those problems?? Kindly give me any suggestions....:confused:
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    Re: Irodov problems??

    1) Don't refer to the complete solutions or hints
    2) Use your physics text book for understanding concepts
    3) Keep on trying ...
    4) Don't ask for help if you have enough time

    As you already noticed it is really hard but it gets easier as you solve more and more problems.
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    Re: Irodov problems??

    Iridov isnt the easiest book, however it isnt the hardest one either. Go and get yourself a copy of HC Verma, insanely brilliant explanations of all the basic concepts that you would need. The thing with engg is that the techniques we generally use are not always the best ones to solve pure physics problems. After you're done with Irodov, try Krotov :p... thats a crazy book.
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