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Is Chord Factor the same thing as Winding Factor?

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    My Father's friend repairs electric motors and, occasionally, he comes to me with questions that require more of an "engineering knowledge." He asked me this past Sunday if I could explain to him what are Chord and Chording Factor, and, as has happened to me before, I felt I had a pretty good understanding of what they were until I made an attempt to explain it in "plain talk," away from the relative comfort of engineering text vernacular.

    As I understand it Chord Factor and Winding Factor are the same thing, yes? The chord factor being the ratio of the Emf produced in the coil that is not full pitch over what the Emf would be if it were full pitch; is this correct?

    I have looked online to see if I could discover decrypting information, but the theme seems to trend that many people do not refer to the entity I talking about as "Chord" factor, but, rather, "Winding" factor.

    If someone could help explain what Chord factor if it is the same as Winding factor, I would be very appreciative.
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    Try here

    and here - p 534

    I have memories of sitting through lectures about all this many years ago .
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    The page was unavailable and the link was one of the first things I found in a Google search. I saw him Monday evening and explained in more detail as best I could. I don't know that I did justice to the topic, but whatever I said seemed to have cleared whatever confusion he was having. I'm going to look through one of my old Electric Machine's book and see if I can find a more concrete description.

    Thank you for your reply. :)
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