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Is consciousness less than whole?

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    If consciousness is divisible, can its parts be counted mathematically, be attributed to individual physical entities, depend upon physical parameters or be considered greater as a whole than separately?
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    Could be emergent in the weak sense. Studies of people with brain damage shows there's a lot of degradation possible.
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    Just curious. Exactly how does a study determine degradation of consciousness? It seems that we can only study brain activity and note the degradations there; which is not the same thing as measuring consciousness. Perhaps we need to sync up our definitions of this word?
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    I don't think that consciousness is divisible. I think we are either conscious or unconscious. One or the other but not partially or 1/4 conscious. We may not be fully aware or we may not be thinking or functioning normally; but, we are still conscious.
    How could one be a little bit conscious. We can drift in and out of consciousness like we do with sleep in the mornings; but I can't see how we could be a little bit conscious.
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