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Is E= mc^2 in string theory?

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    I was just wondering what string theory says, if anything, about mass energy equivalence...anyone have any insights....??

    For example, I was wondering if there are mathematics formulated that can transform, say, an electron form of vibration into a massless energy vibration form....or how an energy string might be transformed into matter.

    While relativity doesn't say what space is, string theory offers a possible space construct as string forms...maybe in the form of branes....maybe as a one dimensional string sweeping out a two dimensional form in spacetime....so I'm wondering if string theory might have other insights on relativity.

    low and behold I did not find a string theory section here...under what heading are string theory questions discussed??
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    I don't know string theory, so I will only answer this part. The answer is "Beyond the standard model".
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    E=mc^2 is a result of Special Relativity. As String Theory is fully Lorentz-invariant, i assume, the equivalence of energy and matter can be derived from String Theory as well.
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