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Is EMR the same as EMF?

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    Ok so I'm no pysichs buff, but could someone describe what the differences between Electromagnetic Radiation (Is this just a name for radiation?) and Electromagnetic Frequency (Do microwaves fall in this category aswell)? I basically would like to know the generic name of the devices (not brand spesific) that I can use to measure Microwaves (low frequency:5Hz-400KHz, high frequency:30MHz-2000MHz) and general radiation (like the different waves and stuff). Do I only need one piece of equipment? Please be nice:)

    Thanks lots!

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    Electromagnetic radiation consists of the entire spectrum of possible frequencies; this ranges from the low frequency TV and radio waves to the high frequency gamma rays.

    Electromagnetic frequency is the frequency of these waves...in other words, how many cycles these waves pass through every second.

    Detecting low frequency EM waves and high frequency EM waves require different equipment. You can't use a radio to detect gamma rays, nor can you use an optical telescope to detect radio waves. For this reason, your eyes see only a small portion of the EM spectrum, they don't detect all EM waves.
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