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Is Frequency : Temperature Angular Momentum : Entropy ?

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    Is "Frequency : Temperature :: Angular Momentum : Entropy" ?

    Does angular momentum relate to entropy, both of which are extensive properties, in a way analogous (or counter-analogously) to the way that frequency relates to temperature, both of which are intensive properties? My thought that was that, maybe, entropy due to radiative heat transfer corresponds to the loss of angular momentum being carried away by photons, or that entropy due to other forms of heat transfer was due to conversion of some angular momentum from the smaller electronic, atomic, and molecular domains to a much larger macroscopic domain, such as in the form of convection cells which are generated by pressure differentials acting in opposite directions. Could the gain in entropy in the universe simply be the result of accumulating angular momenta into ever-so-larger cell structures while radiation carries away some of this angular momenta?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Re: Is "Frequency : Temperature :: Angular Momentum : Entropy" ?

    Everything is related to everything else.
    photons do carry away angular momentum - but entropy in this situation is usually understood in terms of available states. This goes to whatever next absorbs the photon. But a direct link between the angular momenta loss from atoms to angular momentum in convection? These two are different processes involving different energies.
    You can speculate about anything I guess. You also get increasing entropy from large cell structures breaking down into smaller and smaller units while radiation redistributes momentum.
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