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Is H1N1 swine flu too convenient?

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    Just think about it, there's an economy down turn and Obama is ramming 1000 page healthcare bill down people throats. Perhaps the swine flu being hyped by the media is meant to get peoples attention off the economy and accept Obama's healthcare policy. Seems like there maybe a storm a brewing, so maybe survival could be the key. This post is not meant to be racist, but express my concern over the hyping of swine flu as if it would pull a katrina.
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    I didn't know swine flu was only an issue in the states? I was under the impression Brits were getting quarantined in foreign countries and there were significant cases within the UK itself. But of course, as per usual, it's all about the USA. The whole world is doing its damndest to get the USA healthcare bill approved. Enough said.

    Seriously, the whole world went swine flu mad, not just america, I find that a very closed view to only look at the USA side of things and ignore the fact that UK (and other countries) press has gone wild for it. If ther rest of the world does, why shouldn't americas? It doesn't automatically mean they are trying to push something.
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    I have not noticed any lack of discussion of the economy in the media. I also am unsure why you think the economy being bad is something people would have to not think about in order to accept the idea of heathcare reform. Many people see the economy as a 'storm a brewing' and are worried about losing their jobs and not being able to afford healthcare so are probably finding the idea of healthcare reform 'key' to 'survival'. A rather significant percentage of citizens are already dealing with being unemployed and/or not being able to afford healthcare. One needn't be threatened by the next plague or something to worry about survival.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    First of all, Obama is pushing for health care reform. There are currently something like five bills being considered that were all written by Congress, not the Obama admin.

    The swine flu was not hyped. As has been stated, the concern was global. The reason is that the flu has characterstics indicating that it could represent a serious threat to public health - I believe mainly the ease with which it can be transmitted to others. Luckily, as yet, it has not proven to be any more deadly that the common flu.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Conspiracy theories are not allowed. Locked pending moderation.
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