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Is instagram a free app or a website?

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    Is instagram a free app or a website? Does instagram makes more money than facebook? Is instagram more popular than facebook?
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    You can look up info on Instagram on Wikipedia which should answer all your questions.
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    I did look up but couldn't find my answers.
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    Hm ... why do you suppose that the article, from which you did not get your answers, says that you get it on the app store? Personally, I think that's a clue.

    Also, in case you are not aware, apps often work with web sites, so you need the app on your device to connect to the web site.
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    Look harder. Frankly, this thread is pathetic.

    In particular, how many users does the wiki article say instagram has? How many users does the facebook wiki article say facebook has? Is Instagram its own company or does another company own it?
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