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Is it considered lame to use a CAS when helping people in the DE forum?

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    Hi there,

    Many of the problems on this part of the forum simply boil down to "I don't know how to solve the ODE: <some strange ODE here>"

    I kind of forgot how to solve many of these problems myself, so I've just been giving people the answer from matlab's dsolve function.

    Is this considered rude? I would imagine most people are capable of this, so it might seem cheap.

    I realize it doesn't help the person much if its for a class, since they need to show their work, but it at least let's them see the form of the right answer.

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    The problem with that is, of course, that the "answer" isn't really what is wanted. Most of the time the point is to learn how to solve a specific kind of problem. Just seeing the answer, whether provided by a person or a machine doesn't really help.
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    Also, homework problems really should not be posted in this forum.
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    Post whatever problem you have here. I meant maths problem. If people feel like answering your problem then you are lucky. I personally learn quite alot here from trying to answer other people problem. And further more I want to show off the number of post I have already submitted. :biggrin: This is my post No. 271.

    Thanks Redbelly98 for your copy and paste maths symbols blog. Quite useful when we post in a forum without latex facility
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