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Medical Is it possible to completely switch personality types?

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    Just a couple of months ago, I was a very gregarious, energetic person. Over time, however, I think I've lost some energy. Nowadays, I usually don't like talking at all because I think it's tiring. I just put my headphones on and play music to myself.

    I'm a guitarist who has on stage experience, and whenever I played in the past, I was always jumping and running around on stage. I haven't played live since, but when I get the chance, I would probably be sitting down on stage. Nowadays, I sit more than usual.

    These days, I'm a lot more wary about social interaction. I keep conversation to the most normal topics, and avoid anything that would cause a lot of excitement. To put it simply, I've become a bit boring!

    One more thing: I've become a lot more depressed and cynical. No matter what, I cannot see myself in a good light. 99% of it has to do with my struggle with mental illness (I have OCD).
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    Well, you haven't switched personality types. You're going through a depression.

    I've been diagnosed with major depression and it seems to cycle. When I'm really low I suppose it could seem to someone else like my personality had altered.
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    We don't diagnose people online. If you think you have a problem, please see a medical professional. Good luck to you.
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