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Is it still possible?

  1. Apr 6, 2004 #1
    Is it still possible to be great mathematicians if we don't have our PhD by the age of 19 ?

    If we don't yet have a profound understanding of everything we put our minds to?

    Or will we always be second best....

    What challenges did you people face?

    Your thoughts.
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    I often ask myself the same question, except I'd much rather be a great physicist. :smile: I don't think there's a definite answer though, but I'm sure a lot of the greatest minds that ever lived did not have their PhD by the age of 19. If you're determined enough, almost anything is possible.
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    most of the "Greatest Minds" had produced their "Wonderworks" (For lack of, well, the right term, "PURSET's" perhaps) by the ripe old age of 24/25 soooo...presently I am in my 49th year of life......(means I'm 48)

    Previously Un-Recognized Self Evident Truth....like that thing about generators and electrons, knowledge that is older then I am, known of prior to my Birth.....but the first to connect it to prove that YUP! Electrons can be made by a generator (sorta) happened in these forums, this year.....soooo.........:cool:
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    Are you asking if its possible to be great if you actually get the Phd by that time, or if your just smart enough to get it at that time?

    It's not important if you dont get just the PhD, its only important that you come up with something original/big/interesting. A PhD is not a requirement for this ;)
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