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Is it true that magnets forced into opposition lose magnetic their force?

  1. Dec 18, 2009 #1
    Good morning wise friends!

    Its a cold morning here in southern New Jersey, my Labrador Retreiver (Mocha) is at my feet and we're expecting snow tomorrow. (I love snow, makes me appreciate the spring!)

    O.K., the question.

    I have heard that two permanent magnets clamped together N to N or S to S will lose their magnetic power. Is this true, and can anyone explain why?

    If true, does the same effect occur when the magnets are placed in attraction mode?

    May you all have good health and happiness always...

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    Clamping two magnets together won't degrade their magnetizm. Evidence: the magnetizm of the permanent magnets in electric motors never lose their magnetizm, even though they are subject to constant and repeated magnetic opposition forces (torque). Also, in diamagnetism, the magnet in situ is exposed to a continuous repulsion, yet a permanent magnet's ability to attract like-magnets is never diminished with respect to time (assume Curie temperature is never reached).

    Two magnets placed in "attraction mode" is the same thing as taking a single magnet and breaking it in half.
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