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Is neodymium naturally magnetic?

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    Also does it make a better core for an electromagnet than iron does?
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    from wiki

    note it is only naturally magnetic at extremely low temperatures
    This is why Nd magnets are a mix of Nd Fe ( Iron) and B (Boron)
    Also note that Nd does not occur naturally as a metal, it needs to be refined out of the ores that it is present in

    and to answer your specific Q ...
    no, it oxidises VERY quickly, even when mixed with iron and boron
    it's also toxic and flammable at temps as low as 150C


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    Thanks a lot! That pretty much sums it all up.
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    Hmm, now I understand why these very strong permanent magnets have to be encased in nickel.

    (I bought one some years ago and it still seems to be as strong as ever.)
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    Yup, I have a cylindrical one here (1/2 " dia. 1" long) that a little of the nickel plating has peeled off and the Nd mix below is oxidising nicely

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