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Is possible to use interband transition to design mid-infrared photodetector?

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    Is it possible to use interband transition to design mid-infrared photodetector?

    I want to design mid-infrared photodetector based on interband transition.
    I could not find any article that use interband transition for mid-infrared photodetector.
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    I'm working with intraband transition and I think that you are looking for 100-200 meV transition. I (the group in which I'm employed) reach this range with intersubband transitions. If you are looking for transition from valence to conduction band, you have to find a very low-bandgap material...

    I don't know if it exist or has already been used... maybe you can look for InSb devices!
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    Yes, I think you better off using intersubband (intraband) transitions with quantum wells for mid-infrared frequencies. An interband transition involves crossing the material band gap, so the energy of the transition would have to be greater or equal to the band gap. And material band gaps don't typically go that low.
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    Thank you for your reply.
    In fact, I want to know which transition (interband or intersubband) is appropriate for quantum well infrared photodetectors? which of them has benefit? I have no problem with material, just transition mechanism.
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    Try with heterostructures: InAs-InP for example...

    There's a book of Sneider Liu very useful... It's about Q.W.I.P.s find them on the internet.
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