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Medical Is smoking cigars addictive?

  1. Nov 27, 2008 #1
    Just wondering if occasinally smoking a cigar will cause addiction?
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    Depends on what you mean by "occasionally". Cigars aren't supposed to be inhaled, like cigarettes, so it's mostly just a habit rather than an addiction.
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    Actually, that's not entirely correct. Pipe and cigar smoke, even if not inhaled, allow nicotine to be absorbed into the tissues of the mouth. That's the basis of how my Nicorette 'inhaler' works. They can also lead to mouth cancer, as can chewing tobacco.
    I've seen a lot of conflicting reports that have nicotine and cocaine running neck-and-neck for most addictive substance on the planet. The susceptibility of the user is the determining factor.
    By the bye, I always inhaled both pipes and cigars.
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    They're addictive that's why they're smoked. Do you want play that game.
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    some people have addictive personalities. If you are one of these people (have you ever smoked for extended periods, have drinking or gambling urges), then avoid the cigars. But if it's for new years or when you or your best mate have their first baby or something, then why the hell not! They go great with a good scotch or cognac too :smile:
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    People don't smoke cigars because they are addicted to them. Well, to be more precise, people who don't smoke cigarettes don't smoke cigars because they are addicted to them.
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    Several suck cigars because they think cigars make them look bigger, many compete for that too although their cigars are small and do not smell good. you won't be addicted to smoke a cigar, I have seen an old friend smoking cigars oftern but he still is so fine around with his family without additive behavior, he can be there without a single cigar on mouth for months. People better smoke cigarettes instead. But they might be addicted to cigarettes.
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    Yeah, that's what I'm wondering. If you are not addicted to nicotine, how can you smoke a nicote tainted tobacco without succumbing to its addiction?
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    I'll smoke to that.

    It's fairly obvious that a cigar, identical in every way to another cigar but for the lack of nicotine, won't gain adherence when offerered a choice. And I won't be waking up in the morning to decafinated coffee, either.
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    Hard to believe that nicotine is in...business too!
    I used to smoke weeds but the other day my father in law just turned me interested in nicotine. I quitted it 10 years ago.
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    Is he trying to get rid of you?
    Neither weed nor tobacco is good for you, and both are addictive.
    I'm going to say this once, and once only, because I don't want or deserve sympathy from anyone and I don't want to upset my friends here on PF and I do want to help to save someone else if I can. I am terminally ill from smoking, and I still can't quit. I have a damned cigarette going even as I write this.
    If you have any ability whatsoever to do so, stay the hell away from it!
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    During most of my life I just assumed that I had an addictive personality so I avoided booze, tobacco, and pot. I drank coffee, but I would notice that I could drink several cups of coffee every morning for months, stop cold turkey, and feel no ill effects.

    In my late twenties I tried various sorts of booze, tobacco, and pot and found that I don't seem to get any addiction behavior. In fact, with pot I have to smoke quite a bit to even feel the effects and although it's fairly pleasant it's just not that great. Don't have much of a taste for booze either, in general, though I do appreciate a really fine tequila on ice.

    I don't like cigarettes but I did find that I liked cigars and from there I found that I absolutely love good pipe tobacco, though more for the flavor than the nicotine. It's crazy, a high-quality, fresh and aromatic bowl of good pipe tobacco has the most complex and wonderful flavor, it's ten times better than even a good cigar. Some kinds of pipe tobacco are something you'd smoke in place of eating dessert after a good meal.

    But even then, I still only smoke a few times a year. Nicotine does give me a buzz, more noticeable than pot, but I just don't seem to have the tendency for addiction. I can smoke a couple of cigars every night for four or five nights, which I do sometimes when I'm on a business trip, but then stop completely without feeling any desire for another cigar for weeks or months.

    I haven't tried any harder stuff, though, I have no illusions that I'm really completely immune to addiction...
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    I hear you about the pipe tobacco. A guy that I knew used to smoke a pipe that smelled like chocolate. He's since deceased, but it wasn't due to smoking.
    A wee cook at the bar where I used to work put me onto something when I was hand-rolling my smokes. I started using apple pipe tobacco in my rollies. Tasted great, but you have to be careful rolling because pipe tobacco is so coarse that it pokes holes in the paper if you don't pay attention.
    Anyhow, you appear to be one of the lucky few. I'd still recommend that everyone stay away from it, but I'm no preacher.
  15. Dec 10, 2008 #14
    I'm in a similar situation. I escaped the crutches of heavy peer influece during the adolenecent period and as a result never smoked, or did pot. Just a bit of a drinking which the act is waning. Still have a six pack in the fridge from over three weeks ago. So the addiction index could be pretty low.

    I tried a couple of cigars recently just for the hell of it. The experience was pleasurable so I'm considering smoking once a month or so.
  16. Jan 16, 2009 #15
    I smoked a pipe on avg once per day for about ten years. Gave it up cold turkey last February. I didn't experience any difficulty. I missed smoking but only in the way you miss something you really enjoy. Didn't feel like I was overcoming an addiction.
  17. Jan 17, 2009 #16
    Smoking is addictive, I believe.
    Also, addicted people need to chew something :wink: if the smoking urge comes.
    Just thinking of that really penetrate me [something at the chest down to the belly button - sorry everyone I don;t know a word to express myself correctly], ....hmmm I am going out for..... something to gag on now.
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    My grandfather became addicted to smoking cigars and eventually quit. After a decade of not smoking, he had one more cigar ('trying to stay awake' during a long car drive, or something like that)... he became addicted again.

    It did end up killing him.
  19. Feb 13, 2009 #18
    Smoking anything such as weed,cigarettes or even cigar is addictive even if it's the lowest kind of addiction it still is one. Hope you stay out of the way of those things.
  20. Feb 16, 2009 #19
    There are different types of smoking cigars...hobby smoking, habit smoking, and addictive smoking.

    Hobby smokers are considered people who smoke to enjoy the smoke and to socialize with others.

    Habit Smokers are the people who have one every other day or every day. You know like if you are cooking a streak outside or golfing.

    Addictive smokers are the people who NEED a cigar like cigarette smokers who need a break every 10 min. These people are generally the people who inhale the smoke.

    I like to say I am a hobby smoker because I will buy a premium brand, sit outside with my family and friends and smoke the cigar. And this is on occasion like once or twice a month.
    I hope you just take this information and make your own decision and not just do what your parents or high school health teachers tell you to do.
  21. Feb 16, 2009 #20
    The practical defintion of addiction - from smoking to sex (ala Clinton) has drifted from uncontrolled pursuit to selfjustifying excuse for bas behaviour.
    As Tony said, folks need to make up their own minds. Quiting is not that hard whatever the antismoking police would tell you.
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