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Is structural engineering worth it?

  1. Feb 10, 2015 #1

    Right now I am in my 3rd year of a dual construction management and environmental engineering degree. I have an interest in building things (both design & construction), but more important to me is a career with a high income and quality of life. I am debating between a structural engineering (SE) and construction management (CM) career. Can you tell me which is better?

    If a structural engineering career is better then I would consider switching out the rest of my environmental classes and take the structural engineering half-track instead. But since I am so far in my degree, taking structural might add an extra semester or two. And the classes will be in Hebrew, which I am not fully fluent in. Therefore my grades might drop (I am currently a deans list student).

    If I stay in my construction management & environmental civil engineering track, can I still become a licensed structural engineer in the future?

    I am studying in Israel - at the Technion Institute of Technolony - but am from Alberta, Canada
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    Hmmm... Tell you which is better to get you your high income and quality of life. And don't give you an open ended answer.

    I can't imagine why you are not getting more responses.
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    As far as licensure as a structural engineer is concerned, the requirements vary from country to country. You need to check with licensing authorities in the locale where you want to practice.
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