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Is the bachelor's important when one has a master's degree?

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    Do the employers care about the bachelor? For example if two persons, one with applied mathematics bachelor's and other with physics bachelor's, both have the same master's, can they get the same jobs?

    I'm asking this because people with bachelor's in applied mathematics usually get hired for jobs in banks (in Portugal), and I don't know if both a physicist and applied mathematician, even with the same master's, have equal chances of getting a job in banks.
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    Bachelors doesn't matter after some years of work even if you do not have masters.
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    Thanks for the reply, it seems that almost nobody checks this section anymore...

    I'm planning to get a master's degree after I get bachelor's, so would the bachelor count for anything?
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    In all seriousness, it depends.

    If you get a bachelor's degree in physics, and the proceed to getting your master's in the same field (yes, physics), it would be incredibly redundant (not to mention making you look somewhat stupid) to put both 'BSc Physics' and 'MSc Physics' on your CV.

    Should you have a bachelor's degree in physics, and then proceed to get a master's in math, it MIGHT be good to mention both. Let's say you want to work at a firm that specializes in robotics. Having a master's in mathematics is good, but if you can show that you have knowledge of physics as well (i.e. a bachelor's degree), that's even better. I think.
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