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Is The Emperor Naked?

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    Do you need a Ph.D in Fashion to see that the emperor is naked? Do you have to study art for decades before your criticism of it becomes valid? These questions might seem odd, but I hope you understand the underlying message.
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    Perhaps I don't. I would have thought that just knowing the definition of "naked" would suffice!
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    On the other hand, I wouldn't take drug prescriptions from someone who did not have a medical degree. Some subjects require rigorous understanding, and some don't. I think you just gave examples of 2 subjects that don't require such rigorous understanding. Understanding physics, on the other hand, is different because it requires an understanding of the mathematical framework, and sometimes can also be very counter-intuitive (eg, linear superposition of states).
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    In a debating forum, a valid point stands on its own regardless of who made it or under what circumstances.

    Now, the question is, can the point be defended intelligently?
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    Yes, but who gets to decide if the point is valid (ie., it can be defended intelligently), especially if the debate is philosophical in nature?
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    In the story it was small child who first recognized the emperor was naked, thus, no PhD required. In fact, it may be that a PhD would get in the way.
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    ?? The point is either refuted by the opponent or it stands unrefuted.
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    Fashion is a mater of preference, popularity, and aesthetics. Thus fashion judgments are both highly relative and subjective.

    The basis of science and philosophy are none of these things.

    Also the emperor isn’t wearing cloths is an existence claim that can easily be verified/disproved by inspection. Not all claims can be verified in such a convenient manner.
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    I do believe that, in fact, that is the moral of the fable.
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