Is there a way? Salt Water to Fresh Water

  1. Any one know of a machine/chemical to convert Salt water (8.8lb-9.4lb) to Fresh water (8.6lb) on a LARGE scale?? I have read several things on converting using the sun to evaporate the water, but thats only like a liter a day. I would love to find something or have something made that would convert on a lot larger scale (Gallons or hundreds of gallons/day). How much would be possibe? Even if a generator would be used continuously to do so. It doesn't need to be drinking water. Just approx the weight of FRESH WATER.
    - OR a chemical that would make Salt Sink in a large container so that the Fresh Water could be pulled out. ?!?!?


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    Well there are reverse osmosis systems, but I think flash distallation is pretty common, and solar based systems would be ideal in equatorial latitudes.

    Passing an inert gas like Ar through boiling saltwater might facilitate the vapor transfer rate.
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    Did you try a google search on desalination?

    Just one of many
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  6. Thanks! Sorry for the multi-post, wasnt sure on where to put it. I have been searching google before I posted. I found several solar powered systems, but not really for my application. Im dealing with a large tank with approx 2000 gallons of water and have a pump that transfers it to other tanks, I would like to fnd some sort of filter system to put inline to filter as I am pumping, and then maybe do it again. The pump will transfer plenty fast. Thanks for the help!
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    Is this large enough?
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