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Is there an RFID chip that lets you add sensor input?

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    I am working on a project where I will be building my own sensor and would like to have this in an RFID circuit. I am new to this so any info pointers would be much appreciated. Here is what I would like to do:

    The receiver would send a signal to energise the circuit. Using this energy, my sensor would send data to the IC chip, the IC chip would then send this captured data back to the reader.

    Would it be possible to hack an existing tag (e.g. https://www.buyapi.ca/product/rfid-tag/) and add my sensor to the circuit or would it involve making a tag by buying a certain IC? If so, do you have any ideas which chips would be most suitable.

    Much appreciated for your help
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    Thanks a lot. It will be a pressure sensor. At this early stage I am flexible on voltages, just want to see what the options are.
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    With a quick skim, I did find temperature sensors at that site I linked. Did you see any pressure sensors offered by them?
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    I've dropped them an email to ask, I'll report back.
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