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Is there physics knowledge hidden to public domain?

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    I was wondering if our governments hide us some knowledge. Military industry for sure, but What about physics?

    Is all the knowledge public?

    I include in my question biology. I am sure that the richest people in this planet are investing right now hundreds or thousands of billions researching how to be immortal and I'm sure they are not publishing obviously the results of these investigations.

    Science at this moment in time provides enough tools to investigate this topic: there are supercomputers able to calculate anything, and a massive biological and chemical knowledge.

    What do you think?
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    Technology yes, pure science no - there is very little, if any, pure science that is outside the public domain. Pharmaceuticals hide the new compounds and gene sequences they are making early on in the investigation, but in order for a medicine to be approved they have to publicly test them (and by then, they have a patent application out). But the methods they use to make these things are in the public domain.

    Stealth technology was originally based on a Soviet research paper that the USSR might have censored if they realized what it would lead to. It spawned technology that was secret for probably a decade before others were able to start copying it.

    [edit] Also, "immortality" is too vague of a concept to be researched specifically and the more grounded lines of research (such as: why do we age?) are in the public domain.
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    Regarding aging I think that this methods:

    http://bioviva-science.com/2016/04/24/anti-aging-gene-therapy-has-the-time-arrived-for-true-anti-aging-medicine/ [Broken]

    Probably are not the "cutting edge" technology, maybe there is something even better.
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    Well, if it's hidden, how would you expect to find out about it on internet?
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    This is neither here nor there.

    Coming back to the on-topic discussion, the answer is "No".

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    I don't expect to find about it, I expected to share my conspiracy theories with other paranoid folks just to have a good time.

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    Then you're at the wrong place. Those "other paranoid folks" have been banned or do not stay very long in this forum, due to this PF Rule that you had agreed to:

    So you may have to find your "good time" elsewhere.

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    I was just kidding.

    I was curious about this topic. That is all.

    I am not telling things like man didn't go to the moon or something like that.
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    There aren't enough supercomputers available to deal with the overall back flow of data as it is. Most certainly cannot compute just anything. We aren't near understanding immortality when we aren't always sure of the exact mechanism/pathways that some pharmaceuticals act upon, we can know that many things just work, but not always how.

    Why are you worried about what other people might be doing instead of learning about what we actually know? Maybe your paranoia stems from not being aware of general available knowledge?
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    The example that I have in mind is much of the rocket and liquid propellant research from the 50's through the '70s.
    There was great pressure to come up with ever more efficient oxidizers for mono-propellants. Much of this research was done by the military and they would keep their research confidential, at least until it was duplicated and published by an open civilian source.

    This is entertainingly documented in _Ignition_ by John D. Clark , an informal history of liquid propellant research. A fun book.


    _Ignition_ by chapter
    http://mikea.ath.cx/Ignition/ [Broken]

    The whole thing:

    Print copy (expensive):

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    Conspiracy theories and related nonsense are not allowed at the PF.
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