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Is this correct (buoyabcy forces - irregular object)?

  1. Dec 2, 2008 #1
    hi, i have an irregular object submerged in water . i would like to verify if i've understood the forces that act on this:
    sides A & F - downward force due to weight of water above objects
    sides E & D - left nad right force - neutralizing each other
    sides B & C - upward buoyancy force

    how do sides B & F affect the buoyancy of the object? if it were a regular cube i would understand,
    what bothers me is how much downward pressure does the volume of water trapped between B & F exert if side B is 10" and side F is 10.2". the height of the water column between B&F is 1". the distance from A to B is 12".

    the depth that the cube is submerged is 30feet.

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    The hydrostatic pressure at any point in a fluid is equal to pgh (neglecting atmospheric). Therefore the pressure at B and F will be dependent on their individual heights (h) below the surface of the fluid. B will produce an upward force, and F a downward force.

    BTW, you can just calculate the volume of the irregular shaped object and determine the buoyant force instead of using a pressure field approach.

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