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Courses Is this course schedule too rigorous?

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    Hi, I currently attend a community college and plan to take 3 courses next semester: Calculus 2, Intro to Stats, Chemistry 1.

    I've heard that taking two math courses at once is too much. Does my schedule sound too rigorous?
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    Be more suspicious of people and think things through. If two math courses in one semester were too much, how would math majors manage to get a degree in math? They would literally have to take eight math classes in their entire major. Doesn't that seem a little low for you?
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    It depends on your knowledge of the material. If you are good at math you should have no trouble with calculus 2 and statistics since it is just an introductory course. The same goes for chemistry, if it is an introductory course you shouldn't have much trouble with it. When I took calculus 2, I also took Physics 2 and 3 other classes. It all depends on what you are comfortable taking. Like Angry Citizen mentioned though, you will have to take multiple difficult classes in one semester in a university setting, so you will have to deal with this at some point in your academic future.
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    Not at all. Stats is not math though. The Calc II and the Chem I will probably be the pain in the butt, the Chem I more so with the labs and all.

    That's only about 10 credits though, so I imagine you're working a job as well.
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    I have taken both Stats and Chem I. I found both of them to be quite manageable; Intro to Stats is basically just a combination of formulas and some basic knowledge of how probability works, and Chem I is a combination of memorization & formulas, but not tough if you do the homework. Lab is also not tough. However, it does depend on your type of learning style. I find that some people excel in chemistry and find biology really hard for example (that's my type), whereas some people are better at memorization and chemistry bewilders them. You won't know 'till you try.

    From everyone I talk to about Calc II, it really IS hard. I have friends who got into Calc II and have never made lower than a B on a math test before, and are struggling to pass. But I do think that your courseload is manageable. It's good that you're only taking 3 courses, you'll be able to do it without stressing if you are a good student and don't just expect to study the night before for your tests.

    Edit: Also, just as a note, when I took Stats and Chem I, they were in the same semester, and I had another math class as well as an economics class, and worked part time. It was not too hard. I'm sure you can do it too :D
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    That sounds like an entirely reasonable course load. Most science/math students I know take 5-6 math/science courses per semester.
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