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Is this coursebook good for a physics major student?

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    None of the twenty chapters of that book deals with electromagnetism.
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    I assume you really mean Vol. 2 which covers electromagnetism, or the combined book which includes mechanics, electromagnetism and some modern physics. This is a common textbook for calculus-based introductory (first year university) physics courses in the US. It's comparable to e.g. Halliday, Resnick & Walker's Fundamentals of Physics. I've never used it myself, but the major textbooks at that level are very much like each other in regard to topics covered.
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    I would try to get my hands on Alonso and Finn: Fundamental University Physics.

    Book 2 deals with Electricity and Magnetism. Great book series that is between Halliday and Resnick and books like Kleppner/Purcell.

    Alonso does not shy away from calculus. Connections between Physic ideas are shown, and derivations are clear and mathematically correct.
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    I have Principle of Physics too (10 th edition) and our new professor gave us this book.I think its combined with mechanics and electromagneticisim,cause in cover theres no info about volume..

    I guess Principle of Physics and this book are same in most sense as you said
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    Its his education,I think he is great
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    and I am in METU so....
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    I dont know I have two physics book...I have to solve their problems first :)
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    As Jtbell said ıts combined
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    Then why ask for our opinion?
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    Opinions are always good :)
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