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Is this material a wonder material (Vanadium Dioxide)

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    While there are a handful of other materials besides vanadium dioxide that can conduct electricity better than heat, those occur at temperatures hundreds of degrees below zero, making it challenging to develop into real-world applications, the scientists said.

    If this material is as good as they say if it is I can see a revolution in electronics.
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    You need heat flow in electronics: the waste heat has to get out.
    There are certainly applications, but computer chips are not among them.
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    I'm curious about the adjective metallic, which is interesting.

    In the Wikipedia article on V(IV)O2, there is the statement: "At the rutile to monoclinic transition temperature, VO2 also exhibits a metal to semiconductor transition in its electronic structure: the rutile phase is metallic while the monoclinic phase is semiconducting."
    Ref: Goodenough, John B. (1971-11-01). "The two components of the crystallographic transition in VO2". Journal of Solid State Chemistry. 3 (4): 490–500.

    So I suppose the reference to metal or metallic relates to the metal to semiconductor transition.

    Does this have to do with how weakly it holds oxygen? There are several statements on various sites about V oxides readily give up oxygen, reversibly, upon heating. For example, "Loses oxygen reversibly on heating." Ref: CRC, Dictionary of Inorganic Compounds, edited by Jane E. Macintyre, p. 3721.

    Also see - Vanadium Dioxide: Metal-Insulator Transition, Electrical Switching and Oscillations. A Review of State of the Art and Recent Progress
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    I'm applying a vo2 based coating on an sio2 substrate as a model for smart glazing based products. I am introducing tungsten into the lattice to lower the Tc, but thinking about how else to improve the optical properties?
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