It Finally Happened!

  1. russ_watters

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    Yes, I know I started a thread by the same title a while back. But....

    I've always been against modern art. It's just not art. But now they've taken it to the logical extreme and instead of making stuff that isn't art and calling it art, they just aren't making anything and are still calling it art!

    Imagine a statue of me naked. Now pay me $50.
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  3. Evo

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    Well, after the crackpot armageddon show I just watched on Nat Geo, why not pay for nothing?

    OMG!!!! The insanity has to stop, right? I mean the insane appear to be taking over.
  4. BobG

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    Are you sure that's legal? Given the age range of Physics Forum, you're selling invisible pornography to minors.
  5. Evo

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    It's art, not porn.
  6. BobG

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    I think a mentor should edit Russ's post to "Imagine a statue of me scantily clad. Now pay me $50."

    Have to keep things PG-13, dontcha know.
  7. Amazing. They are actually earning revenue on this:

  8. I'd prolly pay to keep your nudity invisible.
  9. they got exactly what they were after, too. virality.

    shame, it isn't even all that original as art goes.′33″

    as for modern art, and what is it? modern art is narrative. modern art is marketing. modern art is the child of art dealers scalping wealthy tools over aesthetically and culturally insignificant pieces. modern art is capitalism.
  10. Pengwuino

    Pengwuino 6,942
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    This has to be an april fools joke.

    Things this ludicrous never pan out to be real.

    Or we're all being punked. Ridiculous.
  11. "Virality"?

    It's pretty recycled, yes. I can't help but think someone must have done the same thing during the "conceptual art" craze of the 60's and 70's:

    More importantly, it's over. It started to die in the 1980's and, aside from the occasional throwback like this, it's not practised or taught much. There's a definite movement toward art that demonstrates some obviously skill of one kind or another.
  12. by virality i mean they got a link back. free publicity if the thing goes "viral" on the internet.

    and yeah, "concepts". one finds them in things called books. books are generally a lot more work, tho. it's good to hear the concept is fading.
  13. lisab

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    You owe me $50.
  14. Bloody hell, modern art sucks.

    This is what you get for $10 000 off of the Kickstarter site:
  15. Integral

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    Oh the humanity!

    I'd give a $100 to get that image out of my mind!

    There have been shysters in every generation, it is not a new thing, Perhaps we just have to many people with more dollars then cents.
  16. for some reason, this sparked a memory of Stranger in a Strange Land. iirc, the greatest artists were dead martians who spent their eternities building artworks constructed entirely within their consciousnesses to share with other martians.
  17. Don't think I ever read it.
  18. russ_watters

    Staff: Mentor

    Well you can imagine me clothed, but that's a much more complex piece and will cost you $100.
  19. Ryan_m_b

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